The game is far from dungeon crawl, pink fireballs and endless adventures about glimmering treasures. It’s a game focused on the mysterious and hidden, nature as a spirit and supernatural force.

Apart from the world and it’s design, one of the most unique features of the Trudvang setting is magic and religion, whereas magic is more shaman-like and down-to-earth, and each race, and even region, has it’s own religion and faith. Creation of men, elves dwarves and their myths, gods and beasts play an important layer to the play.

“It was said that shield-earl Jorfi had gathered the blade bearers from the south and from the harsh and windy coast villages came men with spear and armor of sealskin. There were berserkers who had used their swords and axes more than once. Lovi came with her daughters and they were shapeshifters and shield-maidens famous for their courage and fierce mind in battle. Jorfi needed them all, though a feud with shield earl Voldar had finally come to the moment where one of them must die. The grim men and women before him listen to every word he had to say. Soon they were to go to battle clashing swords and splitting skulls. Jorfi said that Stormi was on their side but that Voldar had a frost giant fighting for him. The wildboarers stood quiet in the back, their axes were heavier than others; hair long and darker than soot, and everyone knew that they were the key to win this battle, frost giant or not.”

Trudvang is a vast continent with the fierce and grim Stormlands in the east, Mittland with its rich history and worship of the lindwurms in the center, and Westmark in the west, where the people worship the one god Gávé. Dwarves lives mostly in the great halls underneath the Jaarngand Mountains, just close to the fierce and grim wildfolks in the mountains above. Elves hide in the shadows far in the south and fight against time, which is their most hated enemy. Every day that passes is another day away from the gods. The elves remember the Endless Storm – the war with the dragons – in ancient times and when the gods left them to be stars in the sky.

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