Published for the first time in 1982, and with its roots in Steve Perrin’s Basic Role-playing and RuneQuest games, the Swedish “Drakar och Demoner” was known for its basic and fun-to-play system and rules. Throughout the years the game has been one of the best-selling Role playing games and the “retro version” that was released in Swedish 2016 is still one of the top selling games in Sweden.

Now we want to expand this system with an updated, and re-designed English version of the classic game, including a rich portfolio of new art and design, a cover from Adrian Smith, interior art from renown artists such as Jesper Ejsing, Johan Egerkrans and not least Alvaro Tapia, who is well-known for his fabulous art in Trudvang Chronicles.

Classic monsters, classic adventures, retro-play in a fast-paced, and easy to learn fantasy roleplaying game. Gather your old friends, kids, and family, and experience the thrill of a classic treasure hunt in the ruins of Caldarox!

Ruin Masters is a system which can be used with different approaches: roleplaying, dungeon-crawl boardgame, or even both!

Play classic, old-style fantasy roleplaying, or make your own dungeon using the Challenges, Spawn-, and Drop-lists to throw unexpected threats at the players as they crawl down in search for gems and artifacts.

About the rules and system

The game rules have their roots in the old-style Basic Role-play system, now with four characteristics (Physique, Mind, Intelligence and Charisma): each with a value ranging between 3 and 30 (3d10). There are also six broad skills (Combat, Outdoor, Knowledge, Magic, Burgling and Social), with a value between 1 and 100% (d100) and an easy-to-learn combat system with actions (Offensive, Neutral or Defensive) including attacks and parrying.

A number of Body Points define how much damage one can take before death. The damage dealt by weapons can result in an “open-ended” way (roll again, should you roll a 10, etc.). Armor and shield absorb some of the damage pending on size and type. The system also use a “seven body parts” system.

Character generation is quick and easy (each player plays an “adventurer”). Roll the characteristics, define the skill percentages according to your tastes, draw 3 start-up-cards, equip your character and get ready to play!

The “Dungeon Crawl mode” use the same basic mechanics for combat etc, however each challenge is defined by a roll on a list of challenges (pending on level of difficulty) or pre-generated and set by the Game Master (such as “Clear the dungeon”, or “Find the artifact”, or “kill the crazy mage”). Characters keep their loot and get ready for another dungeon crawl. It’s all about the “party” vs the Game Master!

Same thing with the “Hex Travel mode”. Move your party through the world of Caldarox towards the next adventure site and encounter monsters and challenges in each and every hex! Just use the “ready-to-roll” charts and guidelines.

Purpose of the game

The players create their adventurers to play them in various adventures prepared and designed by the Game Master (or official ones from RiotMinds). Each adventurer must use skills and equipment (and friends) to survive and hoard treasures and experience in order to improve the adventurer and prepare them for more advanced quests in the ruins (classic role play). The game is perfect for any gamer who wants to get going and have some fun, just playing some good old-school, classic RPG.

In dungeon-crawl mode, it is all about surviving and reach as far into the dungeon or ruin as possible. As a Game Master you can even have many player groups competing against each other, or replay the same dungeon over and over again, just to see how far the adventurers can reach. Set a goal, plant treasures and drops should they be successful! Tell them about that magic artifact that is rumored to be locked into that last room in the dungeon. Use the “encounter spawn charts” and start playing. This is Dungeon Crawl, or Ruin-play, as we say. Once you enter, there is no turning back! Cowards must fight their way back, just like they fight their way into the dungeon. And remember, every good adventure starts at the old inn!

Crush your players, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their friends. This is Dungeon Crawl!

About the setting

Ruin Masters is a generic fantasy game system that can be played in any setting (or just, adventure-by-adventure-style). However, as an introduction to an adventurous world, we also include an easy-to-start-with setting of Caldarox. It’s a post-cataclysmic fantasy world whereas the heroes explore and adventure in the ruins of a past civilization, a world full of monsters and treasures. In Caldarox the heroes meet classic fantasy monsters such as minotaurs, dragons, orcs and goblins, as well as evil mages and mysterious knights.

Needless to say, great inspirations is the old-style roleplaying games from the 1980s including RuneQuest, Rolemaster, the first edition of WFRP, and many more.

Play classic roleplaying adventures or skip the story and go all in for some hex-based dungeon crawl bashing and treasure hunt! The easy-to-learn rules fit for both.