Burden and Load

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Burden and Load

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Fri Jan 22, 2021 8:56 am

Hello everyone,
is there a rule or suggestion somewhere on how much a charakter can carry and how this is influenced by size/weight/strength?
And second, how does a heavy load influences the character in movement and travel?

For now I established a charakter can without further problem carry 25 fists of stone with a strenght of 0


Thank you so much fellow Trudvangers!

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Re: Burden and Load

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Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:18 am

Usually, I wouldn't use any actual rules for burden and load other than what feels resonable. However, such rules can be useful in certain situations and adventures when I want the players to consider carefully and make choices about what items they want to bring with them. For those situations I've planned to use the following rule:
Each character can carry 20kg + their strength modifier x2. If the character carries more than this they will receive an accumulating modifier of -1 every second day.

I would still urge that reason is applied as this rule doesn't take into account by how much more a character is carrying. Then there is the question about packing animals, for that I would suggest that they might be able to carry 20kg x Size + Strength mod x2, perhaps with some increased carrying capacity for quadruped animals and decreased for winged animals.
Another question that can be raised in these situations is exactly *how* a character manages to carry all their stuff with just two hands, especially if they are carrying several weapons + shield + armour + bags..
There may be misunderstandings and errors in the transcriptions

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