Combat Capacity

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Combat Capacity

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Tue Jun 23, 2020 1:05 pm


we've played for the first time and generally enjoyed the Lex Occultum system but we've hit an issue when it came to combat.
Some of the players didn't deem their characters fighters per se and so they didn't invest any points into Fighting skill when creating chars (thus having their Fighting skill value = 1, as every skill is base 1). When it came to combat we realized that those characters have Combat Capacity of only 1 (SV of Fighting skill, since no specialties or disciplines were bought) and basically can't do anything in combat (movement costs 2 combat points per meter).

Is that right? Did we miss something? Even if unspent combat points carried over to next round (which I don't believe they do) such a character would have to skip every other turn just to move one meter. Should we find a narrative solution to this (e.g. say that the character is frozen by fear and can't do anything while combat last)? But this solution isn't great either since some players would have to just sit by watching as combat unfolds (and it may take considerable amount of time). On the other hand, granting free combat capacity to characters with low fighting skill seems unfair to those who actually invested in it during char creation. Maybe we need a house rule saying that every character must be at least somewhat skilled in Fighting, thus eliminating the issue. After all someone not handy with a weapon wouldn't go hunting for vampires or what have you.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome!

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Re: Combat Capacity

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Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:08 pm

This issue has been raised before with regards to the Trudvang system (which is similar), so you are not alone! :) You are correct in that having a mere 1 in Fighting means that you won't be able to do anything substantial in regards to combat in most cases (you are also correct in that leftover CP doesn't carry over to the next turn).
My best suggestion is that all characters invest at least a little in fighting (level 4 or 5 at least) in order to not be completely helpless. When people know how the system works, they usually do this investment (even characters who aren't fighters usually have some fighting instincts at least if they haven't lived extremely sheltered lives). If someone actually only has SV 1 in fighting, I explain it, like you said, with the character freezing from the stressful situation. This is usually fine if you decide with the players what kind of scenario you are gonna play (this isn't necessarily a problem if all combat can be avoided in the scenario or if they have hirelings to fight for them).

If you want to be more lenient you could allow such players to make restricted actions (in trudvang, combat movement is described as moving while maintaining control of your surroundings, for example). On the other hand, if you want to be more ruthless, you could let them move a random distance in a random direction (running around like a scared animal perhaps?)

Transparency is key, I believe. As long as the players know how the combat system works and what the consequences are to not investing in that skill there shouldn't be a problem as they've made an informed decision.

Hope this is somewhat helpful!
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