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This is a thread to discuss all Equipment related.

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Tvennr Breid Spjót (Two Headed Broad Bladed Spear)

WA 4
IM -4
PV/BV 5/50
Value 35 sc
Weight 5kg

The tvennr breid spjót, or (two-headed dancing spear) is most common in Soj. Adapted from the MIttlander breid spjót for use by the raoumma who were looking for a more flexible weapon that could be used to full effect by those of Elven blood. It consists of a medium wooden shaft and like the breid spjót has a tip that resembles a seax or even a short sword on both ends. The length varies between that of a lill spjót and a spjót but is seldom longer than 7 feet. The main advantage of this weapon is long reach combined with a slashing / piercing weapon on both ends allowing the wielder to whip it around in a frenzied arc while always having a blade near the enemy.

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