The Awakening of Isarnsida

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The Awakening of Isarnsida

Post: # 39Post tmar
Sun Feb 16, 2020 9:20 pm

This weekend we had a small gaming convention here in Iceland and I ran a short narrative called The Awakening of Isarnsida. I had 5 great players who took on the roles of 5 heroes from Hawen in Vortland. I created the heroes and each had 1000 creation points, which I believed was more than enough to make sure that they could handle themselves, despite the fact that most of them had either never played Trudvang or only played once.


The party included a Stormlandian Human Berserker, Borjornikka Thuul, Dyfir Stormlandian Vedun, Borjornikka Warrior, Illmalaini Dimwalker and Stormlandian Human Bard. Each hero had good weapons and decent armor.

The narrative opened as an old farmer was seeking heroes to help him defend his valley from trolls and goblin, who were attacking his farm and the neighboring farms. The valley was not far from the Bjarnwoods and when the heroes arrived they discovered, after fighting of a group of trolls and goblins, that the monsters seemed to be fleeing from something.


The Vedun changed shape and flew over Bjarnwoods, only to discover that a horrible monster had claimed the woods near the valley its home. A primeval wurm reborn, though the dyfir couldn't recognize it, for what it was.

The heroes decided to enter Bjarnwoods and see if they could vanquish the dragon. After trekking through the woods for a few days, they finally found the lair of the beast and confronted it. The learned members of the group who were knowledgeable in history of the Elves, saw that this monster was none other than Isarnsida, a legendary Wurm of the Long Storm, from the time when Elves and Dragons fought over rule of Trudvang. The monster had awakened but was still in a weakened state.



The battle was hard and long. Isarnsida tore through armor and flesh, spewed flames and threw all her might against the veteran heroes. They cast spells and fought valiantly, with swords, axes and hammers held high. When the sun was setting the heroes managed to bring the beast down, it was not their fate to die that day, though many were gravely wounded. The trolls claimed Bjarnwoods again as theirs.


I had so much fun running this game. Not only the fact that the player characters were quite powerful, but also to see how they'd fare against a wurm that I created. The thing that I found most interesting was to see a truly powerful thuul in action. He only knew 2 runes, Anvil shock (4) and Healing rune (5), both of which were incredibly helpful. Having the wurm not being able to act for 2 rounds is so good.

Neither the Dimwalker nor the Vedun brought much punch to the fight, save for a few buffs before the combat, but I think that was mostly due to the fact that the players were unfamiliar with the system and the spells they had access to. The berserker flew into rage halfway through the battle, after taking a hard hit from the dragon, and changed shape, turning into a monstrous bear. That, combined with the Anvil Shock, took a huge part of the dragon's HPs.

The other warrior was a solid shield & axe build, that always dealt a solid damage each round. The bard however was truly unlucky, kept rolling high and the few hits he scored resulted in low damage numbers.

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Re: The Awakening of Isarnsida

Post: # 58Post Rekishi
Fri Feb 28, 2020 8:08 pm

Awesome game man, looks like so much fun! Hoping to get my irl games going again soon too. Also, happy to have you on discord. Hope we can do some work together at some point and get some online games going. :) Keep up the good work!

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Re: The Awakening of Isarnsida

Post: # 524Post Draxx
Tue Mar 02, 2021 1:32 pm

Hi tmar

That was fun to read!

Did you play with 5e or chronicle rules? And which stats did you use for the Wurm?

Tahnks for sharing!

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