"However, such as with our actual world, the expanses of the game multiverse will always have frontiers and unexplored territories. This fact, indeed, is what makes the AD&D game system so wonderful and appealing."
— Gary Gygax, Unearthed Arcana, May 1985

Wanderers of the multiverse be welcome in this hall that has been prepared for you by RiotMinds.
You may find shelter here, plenty of mead and a plate full of the finest meats, poultry and wild fowl. Feel free to sit down and listen to the sung.
A sung about Trudvang, the home of heroes, wurms and trolls. And if you are so inclined do not hesitate and tell us of your journeys and heroic deeds because under this roof no voice will be unheard and no sung will be forgotten.
Be welcome in Trudvang Adventures 5E!
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Same cast as in The Great Shadow

First Session

During the last months our heroes have been looking for a way to take the curse of lycantrophy off Leivi. They have succeeded, so they have also made it to the third level. They earned some money and equipped themselves. So the characters now have a capital weapon for each one. The couple bought a nice cart, the other horses - except the Dimwalker Leivi, who now rides a Spirit Steed. He also has a lazy greedy giant badger as a companion.

They are now on the road in Mittland, the home of Rowolfh and the former home of Roia, who recently lived in the Stormlands.

The way led them to Heorhall. There, the heroes quickly noticed that a depressed mood was weighing down on the village. Rowolfh spoke to one of the villagers, who told them that the great hero Garulf Bogwarthen had died. She couldn't say any more because her grief was too great. She referred the heroes to Eowalt at the inn The Three Horses. The group went to the inn and then talked to Eowalt, who told the heroes about the terrible story with Fangshake. Rowolfh had heard about Garulf and was about to follow in the hero's footsteps and help the people of Heorhall.

So they stomped to the house of Laird Skyld and offered their help. He was, of course, thrilled that heroes were offering to help, but he explained that he would have to talk to the council and that first of all, Garulf's funeral would take place the next day. But he had already offered them the empty house in Heorhall that had been abandoned by a family who had joined the Gavlians.

So the heroes made themselves comfortable in the house.

Rowolfh and Roia still visited Garny, the grandmother of Grauwulf. She was very taken with the young heroes and promised to talk to Skyld that the heroes should also receive a reward.

The next morning they woke up, went out of the house and met Intrund and some of his people. The priest preached his sermon and Rowolfh got into a rage, while the Dimwalker of the group watched it with interest. Rowolfh intimidated the group and Intrund and his men made off.

In the evening was the funeral. The group attended, some were very moved. Dalke, the Wildfolk Ranger, had even bathed - which he rarely does. He put his old longbow at Garulf's feet, which had served him well for a long time. Some of the villagers were very taken with it. Torgrim had already carved a small figure of Garulf for the grandmother the day before and handed it to her. Garny was very pleased with it. Skyld held the wake. Dalke stayed behind and wanted to talk to the laird - and almost lost his good impression... Skyld pointed out to him that now was not the time to speak, now was the time to mourn. But the ranger had a good reason to talk to the laird. He had noticed a group of Gavlians watching the funeral. Dalke now suspected that the Gavlians might attack the wake. Not everyone was convinced, but they too were keeping watch around the hill where Garulf and Skyld were. Dalke - but also the rest of the group - suspected that the Gavlians had something to do with the Lindworm's strange behavior.

The next day, Garulf was put on the funeral pyre. And Skyld said that a council meeting was scheduled for this afternoon. He asked the heroes to attend. And so it went. The heroes attended the council meeting and were presented as heroes who wanted to take care of the problem with Fangshake. The council was thrilled and Skyld showed the group Garulf's shield Hero Guardian and the ring The Warrior. Now they were allowed to choose one item, the other they would get when Fangshake was dead and the heart of the Lindworm was in the village. Rowolfh took the ring with the agreement of the group and the half elven Dimwalker blessed the handing over, because he recognized that the ring was created by elves. This was also very well received.

Then the heroes lay down to sleep in the house, except for Leivhi, who wanted to take advantage of the starry night.

The sleeping were awakened by a noise at the door. Hwinda, who was on a mission for Intrund, had locked the door and set the house on fire. Then she ran away. Leivhi also noticed the fire and that someone ran away. He used one of his miracles, amplified his voice and shouted, "Fire! The rest broke out of the house. While Leivhi, Roia and Dalke (who had been attacked by the fire because he ran back into the house to save his equipment) helped the residents put out the fire, Torgrim and Rowolfh Hwinda ran after them. They were unarmed, but armed. Torgrim heard horses galloping away, then the trap snapped shut and four grey trolls appeared.

Second Session

Rowolfh and Torgim ran after Hwilda and were attacked by four Grey Trolls. Meanwhile the other heroes were extinguishing the house on fire with the other villagers.

I would not have been surprised if Rowolfh had attacked the four trolls, but in fact he advised them to flee, knowing that they were to restore the honour of the village by slaying Fangshake. And that he deemed more important.

The two fled and were pursued. In fact, two trolls were able to confront Torgrim, but he managed to evade them. Rowolfh gave a war cry and returned to his friend's side. Leivhi, Dahlke and Roia noticed this and ran to assist their friends. The trolls also noticed it and fled, as their moment of surprise had passed and Rowolfh had hurt one of the trolls badly.

Back in the village, the friends spent the night at the Three Horses Inn.

The next morning they set off for the Lindworm's lair. Through Laird Skyld they had been warned of the harpies and kept to the opposite bank from the nesting site by boat. In this way they escaped an encounter with the flying terrors.

In the clearing near the lair of the lindworm they discovered the traces of the fights and also the traces of the trolls. They went into the lair and found the body of Fangshake. They realised that the trolls must have killed him. Therefore, they surmised that someone must have hired the trolls. Dahlke and Rowolfh came straight to Intrund.

Roia removed the heart of the lindworm and then they camped at the edge of the cave.

The next day they brought the heart back to Heorhall. They told Skyld about the trolls and immediately agreed to finish them off. Skyld was very grateful and declared that they should be honoured with a feast the next day. In the morning of the next day, the heroes set off in pursuit of the tracks. But the troll tracks did not interest them as much as the horse tracks. They followed them. Since I had already suspected this and Intrund is a cautious man, the group had ridden east to the river and then into the river. Then they rode south and left the river again to ride west to Erkland. But the heroes stopped when they rediscovered the tracks, as they wanted to be in Heorhall before the feast began.

At the feast, the heroes were honoured and received Bluespark in addition to Hero Guardian, which went to Leihvi. The sword was accepted by Rowolfh. Skyld announced that the group would take care of the trolls who had killed Fangshake.

The next morning Frund appeared and reported the badly injured lumberjack. The heroes immediately set out for Klund on horseback. The woodcutter was already dead, but Roia and Torgrim examined the body and found that it was not a claw that had caused these injuries, but a weapon.

Then they went to the lumberjacks’ camp. The heroes were shocked at the bloodshed and destruction, but Roia spotted the trolls' tracks and the group gave chase.

They arrived at the trolls' lair and first took the southern entrance to Shitefrost's lair. As the group used light, the Grey Trolls in the upper cave were alerted. But Shitfrost also noticed the arrival. He surprised the heroes and in the ensuing fight Dahlke and Roia were knocked to the ground. Rowolfh then slew the young Hrim Troll with Bluespark.

Third Session

The heroes left the cave of the Hrim Troll and carefully walked to the other entrance. Of course, the Grey Trolls were alarmed by the noise and the light. So they were not surprised, but they could not surprise the heroes either. First they came across four Grey Trolls in a cave. The fight was fierce, but the heroes were successful. Roia proved once again that she is incredibly dangerous! Afterwards, although the heroes were not doing well, they also had no time to catch their breath, so they went on to the sleeping cave. Before that, they freed two living woodcutters.

In the sleeping cave, the heroes had to fight off three trolls, who were soon supported by Piggert and another Grey Troll. It got very bloody once again. The summoned badger of Leihvi was killed, Dalke, Torgrim and Rowolfh also went down. Only Leihvi and Roia were left standing quite shakily on their feet. But Roia slaughtered first the troll and then Piggert. Unbelievable! Afterwards, of course, they rested and found the letter from Ingund. They rested properly and set a trap for the Dimwalker and his men at the next full moon in three days. They captured Ingund and returned to Heorhall as celebrated heroes.

Conclusion: During the three-day break, we noticed that the Herbalism Kit was missing from Creating's list of tools in the Setting Companion. And what else do you use to make potions? In general, it would be good if things were taken over or pointed out in the new book (Tasha’s something or whatever) of the 5th for tools. In fact, I like Tools much better now than before!

Also, we weren't clear on how to handle simply collecting plants that are components of potions and poisons from nature. I just allowed it, but the characters still had to pay half the silver. I said that's an expense they'll have to pay later to replace things in their Herbalism Kit.

Overall, it can be said that ALL the players, without exception, were enthusiastic about the game world and they really liked the twists in the adventures. The Roia player in particular is extremely sad that we have stopped. I think I will come back to Wildheart with them again 😉

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Re: Wormtongue

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Cheers for posting your wonderfully written reports about your sessions here.
They are wonderful to read and it is good to have them presented here permanently.

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Re: Wormtongue

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Good idea of you to tell me to do it 😉

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@Geschrei: Thanks for sharing the story of your group of heroes. it seems like you have good Roleplayer that enjoy forming a story and are not too deep into Powergaming.

@all: I plan to run Wormtongue as the first or one of the first adventures for my group. My players are not too convinced of 5E, so we will play with the chronicles rules. As far as i can see that should not be much of a problem (especially with the help of Jorgi). Am i overlooking something?

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Re: Wormtongue

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Hi Draxx,
Wormtongue was originally released and written in Swedish for the precursor to TC so it shouldn't be a problem. The 5e version is a bit more expanded but the narrative itself hasn't changed a great deal (at least not in any way that wouldn't work in TC) as far as I can tell.
There may be misunderstandings and errors in the transcriptions

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Re: Wormtongue

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Thanks for the fast reply; thats is good to know.

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