Casting Spells in combat

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Casting Spells in combat

Post: # 638Post Penk
Mon May 24, 2021 6:15 pm

Hello everyone!

Decided to start reading through my Trudvang books and I need some interpretations regarding casting spells in combat.

1) If someone casts an instant spell with Vyrding, is the initiative penalty doubled, or does the spell take 2 action rounds?

2) If a spell takes more than 1 action round to cast, can they still perform non-weapon/spell actions? E.g. moving (assuming they have the combat points for it, or free movement from the Combat movement specialty)

3) Since you can only be interrupted after you started weaving a spell, does that mean that you technically want as low initiative as possible on your first round (so others use up their combat points before you started weaving) and then as high as possible the round you cast your spell (so enemies don't have time to attack you)?

4) Related to #3, does that mean an Instant spell can't be interrupted, since weaving doesn't start until initiative and then it becomes cast right when it is the Enchanter's turn?

I think that was it for now, thanks in advance! <3

Luca Cherstich
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Re: Casting Spells in combat

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Tue May 25, 2021 8:55 am

1) I would say just Weaving Time x 2. But it's your game and on your table nobody is policing you about how you play!!

2) Check "Casting Spells" on GM guide p.49 (which is now p.83 in the new printing).

"....A character who uses Vitner Craft cannot use weapon actions, cast any other spells, or call upon gods during that same action round. However, they can still use other combat actions that are outside of those three categories. These may occur before or after the weaving takes place, as long as the spell has a weaving time of only 1 action round...."

Check that “1 action round” part.

If your weaving time is longer than that, you CANNOT do anything else, just focusing.

If the Weaving Time is only 1 AR you can make NON- weapon actions.

Truth to be said, there are not many combation actions which are not weapon actions, but some possibilities are:
- Combat Movement (by spending CP, although I usually do not allow spending CP and VP the same round, I can make an exception) but not the new "free max movement" option (see new GM guide reprint) since it cannot be combined with VP expenses
- Communicate Orders
- Evade Attack
- Overcome/Avoid Objects
- Pick Up Something
- Retreat
- Stand up

3) IF you want to be a RULE LAWYER yes....but in my games we use common sense, and as a GM I judge on a case-by-case basis....

4) "Instant" means that it happens immediately as weaving is finished usually with a temporary or immediate effect, but if Weaving takes longer (e.g. "Dismiss Undead" require 2 actions rounds) you can still be interrupted, even if it is an Instant Spell.

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Re: Casting Spells in combat

Post: # 645Post Penk
Wed May 26, 2021 7:44 pm

Thanks for the quick reply!

2) Sounds rough to cast over >1 action round if you can't even move while casting (not only the last round). Trudvang is rough on combat spellcasters. :D

3) Just making sure I understood the rules correctly. I may just rule it that it's always the same initiative for when you start weaving and finish the spell.

4) Sorry, I stumbled over the terminology; I meant a spell that has 1 AR cast time. If a weaver wants to cast such a spell, then enemies have no time to interrupt it, right? Since the weaver starts and finishes casting on their initiative.

It's a precarious balance, spellcasting in combat. Don't want players to think spellcasters can't be interrupted, so that they realise Vitner Focus(D) and Safeweaving might be necessary if they find themselves in fights a lot.
But at the same time, if 1AR spells can't be interrupted, they will probably just not use anything else.
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Re: Casting Spells in combat

Post: # 655Post Hamurai
Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:27 pm

House-rule: Spell-casting starts at the beginning of the combat round, the spell of a casting time of 1 round will be finished when the caster's initiative is reached. So you'll still want to be the first to act when spell-casting because only even faster enemies will have a chance to interrupt the casting.

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