Trudvang: Seed of Vanirs live on KS

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Trudvang: Seed of Vanirs live on KS

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Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:55 am

Please indulge me when I open on a personal note.
Decades ago I discovered a copy of Drakar och Demoner in an RPG shop in Munich.
Blown away by the art but with no knowledge of the Swedish language at all, I left it on the shelf but never forgot about it. I even considered learning Swedish, just to be able to read and play this RPG.
Discovering the project for the English version on KS sent me over the moon. And I rushed to support them with my pledge, my comments and finally my short stories which RiotMinds took some liking of and were so kind to publish them in their updates for the KS for Truvang Adventures 5E. And they offered me a chance to write an adventure for their new project on KS: Trudvang: Seed of Vanirs, which for the first time presents the opportunity to get a sourcebook about the elves, written by the wonderful and renowned Steven Savile, and the adventure campaign The Elven Road written by me.

Here the details:

We will release, for the first time, never before published, material about the Trudvang Elves. Explore the sacred and ancient places and locations such as the great falls of Inakka, or the Ygghanna, the oldest tree in history where the Illmalaini elves bury the dead. We let you and your players visit the breathtaking Valkalainen, the Gate to the Stars. This book will take you to a dark and secret path towards the mysterious dark elves, the Korpikalli and uncover the secrets why they abandoned the gods.
In this Kickstarter you can choose to back either the Trudvang Chronicles and/or Trudvang Adventures (for 5E) editions of the book. Same information in both books but with different rules. One for playing with Trudvang Chronicles, and one for playing with Trudvang Adventures.
The core book will be filled with artwork from various artists and Paul Bonner is our cover artist for the source book and the adventure.
The art book Hidden Trails containing lore and background stories is availabel as add-on as is the first Trudvang novel Oathbreaker by Steven Savile.

You can find the live campaign on KS Trudvang: Seed of Vanirs with 18 days to go.

You are very welcome to check it out:

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