Where are the crocodiles?

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Where are the crocodiles?

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Wed Sep 08, 2021 2:29 pm

Page 79:
When heroes find ruins, they can choose to explore them. If they do, The Ruin Master rolls to see what type of ruins these are. Once this is done, the game play transitions into Dungeon Crawl Mode.
Page 97 Marshlands terrain features, result 9-10:
Ruins (roll 1d10 on table: ML-TF.R)
ML-TF.R, result 9-10:
Ruins, not explored and inhabited by a level 3 monster (roll 1d10 x3 on tables: ML-TF.R1 and ML-E3.3)
There is no table ML-E3.3 but I suppose it is table ML-E.E2.3 Wandering monster level 3?

ML-E.E2.3, result 3:
1d5 crocodiles
Where does the crocodiles show up? In the Large-Scale Hex Play or inside the dungeon after the transition into Dungeon Crawl Mode?

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Re: Where are the crocodiles?

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Fri Sep 24, 2021 10:12 am

When you build a narrative using the random hex crawl tables, you decide on how things progress and how the narrative changes according to the roles.

In this case you might tell the players either of the following:

As you sludge through the muddy water you come across a ruined tower. You approach the tower, but see a rippling the water. Instinctively you reach for your weapons. Suddenly the water bursts into life, as [1d5] crocodiles rush at you.


As you sludge through the muddy water you come across a ruined tower. You approach the tower and find the door floating in mud a few metres from the building. As you come closer you see [1d5] crocodiles have made their nest inside the tower's foyer.

The goal of the random hex play is to help you build your narrative. You, as RM, must however choose in what way you wish to display the results to you players, i.e. you decide whether this encounter takes place in the waters around the tower or inside it, all according to what would suit your narrative and your player characters at that time.

Hope this helps.

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