Delivey update

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Delivey update

Post: # 133Post RiotTheodore
Wed May 06, 2020 2:25 pm

Hi all,
so yesterday we posted an update on upcoming deliveries, so here goes!

DELIVERY UPDATE! Hey all, we're in wrapping-mode, so fingers crossed that this virus thingy does not mess up with printing and delivery. This month-ish we're wrapping 3 big projects and then sending to test print. No delivery dates confirmed yet though... so bare with us...
1) Charta monstrorum for LexOccultum - Check!
2) Ruin Masters - Check (just some minor tweaks left + character sheet)
3) Muspelheim - Check (just waiting for some minor texts)
So while we wait, let's cheer you up with some upcoming news. Next up for Trudvang is: Seed of Vanirs (the book of elves. Lets also announce we have another little "Trudvang-surprise-up-our-sleeve", but more about that later. ALSO, just in our mailbox.. as we speak, another great cover from Paul Bonner (we can't share just yet though.. so just imagine a Huldre, riding on a big troll approaching a white elk, in a forest clearing).
Oh, yeah.. and for the elves, we will introduce a new "sub-race" the Kallavalli (frost elves) :)

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Re: Delivey update

Post: # 145Post Hamurai
Thu May 14, 2020 5:47 am

That's good news! :D

Thanks for the update!

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