The World Of Kensei


The World of Kensei (for 5E) (HardBack)

The World of Kensei include the following chapters:

  • The Land of Dragons 4

  • Kensei Player Options

  • The World of Tatsu

  • Monsters & Inhabitants of Tatsu

  • Places in Tatsu 148


Fantasy Adventures Series Presents 

World of KENSEI!

Welcome to The World of Kensei, a world setting and rules for Dungeons and Dragons* 5E players.

The World of Kensei is a place of great heroes and stark evil, encompassing lands of ancient myths and high peril. Brave warriors dare the ancient shrines of the old gods, now home to evil creatures. These are the lands of Tatsu, a new continent of beauty and ages-old evil. Tatsu is yours to adventure in, defend, shape, and rule.

Set sails from the realms that were forgotten, or the lands of the gray hawks, or whatever homebrew setting you might have.

The World of Kensei is a made-up fantasy setting. It is a mix of many stories, myths, mythologies or just made up things with a label that sound or does not sound like any geographical region’s language or have similarities with something that might have existed or a mix of both.

The history of Tatsu is dominated by the cyclic rise and cataclysmic destruction of provinces and kingdoms once founded by the gods. Magic and holy powers slumber in the wreckages of ancient buildings and deep jungles that once belonged to them. Every year some new wonder is rediscovered in an old temple ruin: a scroll with an ancient spell, a statue with holy powers, or a staff of immense might.

For a thousand years, the ancient land Tatsu has been shrouded in darkness, war, and ancient evil. It is a land of high adventures and a certain death for those unprepared. The old grounds of the dragons rise from the wild and storming sea, with their shorelines always embraced by a thick magical fog. For over a thousand years, clan wars have torn these lands apart, and just as the waves throw themselves toward the hard rocks, so do men and women fighting the never-ending wars. Toughened by sword and spear, the warriors roam the lands hunting for prey but also to win glory and honor, fighting wild creatures and evil dragons. Between the great castles is a harsh and unforgiving wilderness and endless adventures for the brave. In the deep jungles, one can find temple ruins, once abodes of the old gods, and travelers can discover treasures hoarded by ancient dragons in the highest mountains.

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