Snowsaga (Hardback)

Snowsaga is an epic story with a dark tone and a fierce, brutal atmosphere.

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Snowsaga includes:

  • Snowsaga Game Master screen
  • Ysetur Map
  • Booklet with Snowsaga NPCs
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Snowsaga (Hardback)

He pulled the arrow out of the dead body and studied its black surface in wonder. The arrow looked like any other arrow, but its metal head was covered in intricate patterns which possessed an almost hypnotic power. Something woke him from his dreamless slumber. He pulled his mantle closer around him. The winter had hit without warning or mercy. He was cold, and little did he know, this was merely the beginning of a long and brutal winter…

Snowsaga is an epic story with a dark tone and a fierce, brutal atmosphere.

This is the campaign where the adventurers will fight an ancient threat and incarnation of a primordial evil entity, but also the giant Blodughadda and his army of corrupted creatures coming from the cold North. The campaign will take the adventurers to the gates of Helgardh (the dark underworld) where they will meet Nifelfang, the mythic albino undead logiwurm, to the secret dwarven mines of Sootbrand and the legendary halls of Sparklur, and to the ancient stronghold of Ysetur, where a new evil is breeding atop the demonic Iron Shaft.

It’s a long journey for the heroes, facing desperate battles and the coming of the dire Fimbulwinter in the northernmost Stormlands. They will fight for the destiny of all Wildlanders in an epic saga which may decide the fate of the whole Trudvang.


Trudvang Chronicles was voted the Most Anticipated RPG of 2017 by ENWorld Readers.

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