Into The Wild (Late Hunter Pledge)


Into The Wild (for 5E)

  • Into The Wild: Core book (hardback, 256 pages)
  • Withering Woods: Adventure (Soft cover, 64 pages)

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Fantasy Adventures Series Presents

Late Hunter Pledge: Into the Wild & Withering Woods

This Late pledge includes Into The Wild – Slipcase edition and an Art of booklet (approx 16-20 Pages)

(this is a PRE-ORDER: the products will be shipped as soon as we get it in stock)

Into The Wild – The ultimate guide for adventure in the wilderness!

Are you ready to set out to explore the wilderness?

Into the Wild is an adventurous odyssey into the heart of nature’s untamed beauty and peril. It serves as a comprehensive guide for players and Dungeon Masters navigating the wilderness of almost all settings of the world‘s most popular roleplaying game. This tome delves into the art of survival, the intricacies of various terrains, and the secrets of the wild.

Equip your character with knowledge on hunting, gathering, and the mystical aspects of the natural world. In addition, you will find new character archetypes like the Borderland Scout and Circle of the Beastmaster, new spells, equipment, and potent adversaries, transforming the wilderness into a dynamic and formidable entity in the game.

This book is crafted for those who yearn to explore beyond the map’s edge, for adventurers seeking to forge their legends amidst the raw and unpredictable forces of the wild.

Withering Woods

The Withering Woods is set in the enigmatic Cobweb Forest, tailored for 1st-level player characters who will advance to level 6 through the storyline. This module, ideally experienced alongside the “Into the Wild” sourcebook, plunges players into a tale of natural corruption and dark druidic magic threatening the tranquil village of Shallowford. Founded by a legendary ranger, Shallowford’s residents pride themselves on their woodland skills, but the encroaching decay of the forest, driven by the sinister Gray Druid and his followers, endangers their way of life.

The adventure is structured around exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat, with opportunities for characters to leverage their skills and make meaningful choices. As the story unfolds, they will delve into the depths of the forest, uncover ancient secrets, and confront the forces threatening the balance of nature.

Are you ready to face the Grey Druid?


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