There are many “truths” about the darkness and the occult. Countless prophecies, texts and tomes about the unreal and the bizarre that pierce through reality and leave dismembered souls and withering minds in their wake. However, there are few insights that cover it all, and the certainty can always be questioned. Often they are a small part of a great mystery, or a conspiracy in a greater context.

Shrouded in darkness and buried for a thousand years in lies, the “truths” come through from time to time. Facts, built upon dogmas, institutions, science, rituals, covens, only God knows what. The fundamental principles that are considered so true, that the bare thought of them being exposed would bring down dooms of death.

Conspiracies are boiling beneath the surface, the covens gather in dark rooms, knowledge switches owners and occultists dig deep into the mysteries to uncover the secrets.

This is a game about flintlock pistols, filthy grave diggers, lanterns, werewolves, wine and decadence, secret societies, conspiracies and mysteries too dangerous to uncover. It’s a game about explorers battling the raging seas, the truth about the Templars, holy bloodlines, a quiet war between men and beast. Discover the corrupt Paris, the smoke filled London, “gin craze” and alchemists search for the Philosopher’s stone. Dig deep into the cabbala system and ancient mysteries of old Egypt.

Europe, 18th century. The church is losing its grip on men struggling with old beliefs and dogmas. Alchemists, occultists and secret societies dig deep into old mysteries and ancient obscurities. Enlightenment is not only about breaking free from old institutions and structures, but also about discovering what has been hidden for hundreds of years, even millenniums. Illuminati, Freemasons, the old Templars and other secret societies hide in dark chambers plotting for a new world order, or to just uncover the dark arts and ancient wisdoms.

The nobles and aristocrats is a dying breed living in full decadence and excess while the common people suffer in poverty. This is the era of Enlightenment, but also ignorance. Few know anything about the growing darkness; the vampires and offspring of the devil, and while conspiracies grow under the surface, kings and priests preach about submission and obedience. But who is to save men from the twilight of the gods, from falling into the darkness and be consumed by evil? Is it true that the apocalypse is soon to come?

LexOccultum takes place in a fictive historical 18th century, where the occult and supernatural is real but not yet in full bloom.

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