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Kickstarter Campaign: Trudvang Adventures is a game setting for 5E

A new setting for 5E! For 20 years Trudvang has been a hailed and awarded fantasy setting. In 2017 it was voted “the most anticipated game” by the ENWorld community

Now it is time for us to share this fantastic and unique world setting with all 5E fans out there. Trudvang Adventures is a game setting for 5E and it is inspired by norse and celto myths, mythologies and folklore with a twist towards the dark and down-to-earth. Whereas many fantasy settings take place in taverns and dungeons, Trudvang adventures is set in deep and dark forests where you will find trolls, lindwurms, grendels and old mysterious places where the elves worshipped their gods that abandoned them, or dark nests filled with treasures long lost.

Art and setting is built on classic nordic and celtic sagas such as Kalevala, Beowulf, and all Islandic and Irish oral traditions and tales such as The Ulster Cycle and Mabinogion, not to forget the great work of John Bauer and his alike.

Start your Trudvang adventures with these books designed for Trudvang setting-specific rules and guidelines to create your characters and campaigns.

So if you´re playing 5E and wish for a rich and beautiful world setting and complimentary rules, please help us support this! 

Join our Kickstarter campaign today!

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