Once upon a time there came a man to the most beautiful forest in Trudvang. He came with sword and with shield and he called himself a dragon knight. He came to destroy a killer and ancient beast. Never had he been able to guess what consequences his great deeds would have. In times passed the forest had been beautiful to behold. The wanderer that had trodden its paths would marvel and the grandeur of the forest and would swear upon its beauty.

Today Wildhart is a dark and evil forest full of adventure for the one who possesses the courage to step into the shadow of the trees. Born in light, raised in darkness. Wildhart for all eternity.

Come along for a journey into a land far to the east in Trudvang that is haunted by the most extraordinary of creatures. come along to Ejland and to Wildhart.

The book includes a great adventure and extensive descriptions of an area in eastern Trudvang. Herein there are descriptions of its society, history, places and legends.

  • Authored by: Theodore Bergquist
  • Illustrations: Per Perkan Sjögren
  • Cover: Paul Bonner
  • Text edited by: Kevin Tompos
  • Game master characters: David Malmström.
  • Special thanks to: Max Herngren for help with translation.

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