Trudvang Chronicles

RiotMinds to release acclaimed classic Role-Playing-Game for the international market

Stockholm 2014-02-18 Swedish games publisher RiotMinds today announced the upcoming release of Trudvang in English. The game is based on the best selling Swedish pen-and-paper RPG: “Drakar och Demoner Trudvang”, and will be branded “Trudvang Chronicles” for the international audience.

Acclaimed “Drakar och Demoner Trudvang” has served thousands upon thousands of players in the Nordic countries for more than a decade. ”For years we’ve been asked to translate the game into English, and now, finally, we will be able to offer this for all our international fans”, says Magnus Malmberg at RiotMinds.

Trudvang Chronicles is based on the Swedish role-playing-game “Drakar och Demoner Trudvang”, deriving from the classic game from the early 80´s. The English version will be released on RiotMinds new online service in Q3 2014, including the vast and unique world of Trudvang.

Riotminds Online is a new digital service for the game including the complete rules, world setting and a suite of digital tools to create and store characters, roll dices, make game calculations as well as a remote center to start gaming sessions online, all wrapped in stunning graphics. “This sets a new standard for role-playing games. Not only the game itself but the way it will be presented in our online service. This is taking the old style role-playing to the next level”, Magnus Malmberg concludes.

More information about Trudvang Chronicles and release date will follow this summer.

For press inquiries contact Magnus Malmberg: magnus [ at ] riotminds . com


Q: I’ve seen some fantastic illustrations from the game, who made them?
A: Throughout the years we’ve been working with true international masters such as Paul Bonner, Justin Sweet, Alvaro Tapia and many more. They have helped us to carve out the world of Trudvang and put design and images to our texts.

Q: Drakar och Demoner? That sounds like Dragons and Demons, is that so?
A: Yes, in the early 80´s many RPG games took names similar to each other. However, the first DoD was based on the Basic Roleplaying system and was far from other DD-like names. The English version is named: Trudvang Chronicles.

Q: Who should play this game?
A: If you like fast and easy set of rules and a world setting based on the original sagas, Nordic myths and legends, and a fantasy world not based on a mix of everything, you probably like Trudvang Chronicles. If you favor trolls over orchs, Game of Thrones and Middle Earth over Conan and Xena, we think you like this game. It’s more saga than hack-and-slash, more deep forests than dungeon crawl.

Q: Can you tell us some more about the world setting?
A: The fantasy world is built on inspiration from the classic sagas and myths of the northern hemisphere. Epic folklore like Kalevala, Beowulf and classic Nordic sagas played an instrumental role carving out the world. The tone is dark and grim, down to earth but still heroic.

Q: What about the rules system? Can you tell us a bit about that?
A: The rules are easy and fast to learn yet offer a depth that takes a long time to explore. The beginner can easy pick up the concept and the most advanced player will find new interesting things and development for their characters and campaigns. It’s a D20, skill-based system.

Q: What is RiotOnline, does it replace the physical books?
A: RiotOnline is our brand new online service taking the hobby to the digital age. It will include everything you need to play such as the “books”, tools to create and store characters, a digital dice box, chat functionality, video conferencing (should you decide to play remotely) and much more. Yes, the online service will replace the books. We believe it’s time for the RPG hobby to level up!