Trudvang Chronicles

Enter the mysterious and enchanting world of the traditional sagas. Where frost giants gather upon windy and snow clad peaks, where lindwurms hide in deep dens and where the trolls lurk behind shadow and stone. Trudvang Chronicles give you the classic fantasy adventures and takes you deep into the forest and woodland halls.

Trudvang Chronicles gives you a nordic treasure and a roleplaying game for both new and seasoned players. The game is available in Riotminds’ digital suite and the starter game includes everything you need to play and create your very own adventures and campaigns.

So step into the enchanting world of the nordic and celtic inspired sagas. Experience acclaimed and awarded Trudvang Chronicles for the first time in English!

The roleplaying game.

[early access, features still to come]

The following books are included in the game:

  • Campaign commander
  • Book of heroes
  • Dimwalkers
  • Weavers of magic
  • Books authored by: Theodore Bergquist & Magnus Malmberg
  • Illustrations: Alvaro Tapia, Per Perkan Sjögren, Jonas Valentin, Justin Sweet & Niklas Brandt
  • Covers: Paul Bonner
  • Edited by: Kevin Tompos
  • Special thanks to: Max Herngren & David Malmström

And the adventure:

  • The Elven Horn
  • Authored by: Max Herngren
  • Illustrations: Henrik Rosenborg
  • Cover: Justin Sweet


Apart from these books and adventures the roleplaying game Trudvang Chronicles includes a multitude of digital tools that you can use to play.

  • Create sessions to which you will connect your game master and players.
  • Tools for managing initiative and other actions
  • Tools for rolling dice
  • Tools to calculate hunting and travel time
  • Tools for creating and managing the characters and game master characters
  • Chat with other members and those who are part of the session.
  • Send files/notes between players and game master characters in a session

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